Webfonts from Commercial Type

RELEASES | 31 MAY 2013

We are happy to announce that the bulk of our library is now available for use on the web. We've been licensing webfonts upon request to a variety of customers around the world for the last couple of years, from multinational companies to small design firms, which has helped us refine our licensing model and taught us a lot about how people want to implement fonts with @font-face. We're now licensing fonts for embedding in mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile directly from our site as well.

We believe that you should be in control of your website, so our webfonts are licensed for hosting on your own server along with the rest of your site assets. We deliver the fonts in .eot, .woff, and .woff2 formats, supporting the current versions of all common browsers as well as many older browsers. We also deliver the @font-face CSS code, making implementation fast and easy.

Manual hinting
Our entire collection of webfonts has been manually hinted, a painstaking process of tuning each size of each character in each style for optimal display in Windows. All fonts contain Cleartype hinting instructions, meaning that you can trust that text will look good in browsers all the way back to Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. For more information on hinting and implementation, please see the web section of our Technical FAQ.

Browser screenshots
Each individual style page gives the option to see a recommended range of sizes in a variety of languages in thirteen different OS/browser combinations. You can compare up to three screenshots at a time, so you can accurately gauge how the different browsers' approaches to rendering text will affect the text. These inconsistencies are here to stay (and so are legacy browsers), so we want to make sure you can see the differences for yourself in order to make informed decisions about which weights will work best for your needs.

Our pricing is based on three things:
1. The number of domains the fonts will be used on
Please note that unlimited subdomains are allowed within each domain.
2. The number of unique visitors per month expected across all domains
The number of unique monthly visitors is our way to differentiate between large and small organizations and price our web licenses accordingly. With traditional print media, the size of the license was determined by the number of computers the organization needed to install the fonts on for production. Measuring by unique visitors per month seemed like the fairest equivalent for web licensing, and we determined that unique visitors tend to fluctuate less from month to month than pageviews.
3. The choice between an annual license with a yearly fee, or a perpetual license with a one-time fee.
For other questions on web licensing, please see the web section of our Licensing FAQ or have a look at our user license.

The following nineteen families are available for use on the web today:
Atlas Grotesk
Atlas Typewriter
Dala Floda
Dala Moa
Giorgio Sans
Guardian Egyptian Headline
Guardian Egyptian Text
Guardian Sans Headline
Lyon Display
Lyon Text
Publico Headline
Publico Text
Stag Sans
Stag Sans Round
Stag Stencil
Additional families will be made available as webfonts in the coming months.