New release: Action Condensed by Erik van Blokland

Actionbold 1334 xxx q87
Action Condensed Bold
Actionlt 1530 xxx q87
Action Condensed Light
Actionreg 1238 xxx q87
Action Condensed Regular
Actionmed 1276 xxx q87
Action Condensed Medium

Action Condensed was designed for the screen by Dutch design legend Erik van Blokland, who was looking for typefaces for interface design without an overtly neutral personality. Each of the family’s four weights has three grades on the same width, allowing text to change weight on rollover without disrupting the layout. You can see it in action on Erik's own site,

Action news 02c 01 1976 xxx q87
All three grades of Action Condensed Regular are shown here,
Action news 02c 11 1976 xxx q87
Action news 02c 10 1976 xxx q87
In addition to the grades being duplexed, the italics also match the widths of the uprights.
Action news 02c 12 1976 xxx q87
The italics also include alternates to the cursive a and g.

Fully Duplexed

Within each weight of the Action Condensed family are three different grades, all of which, including the italic styles, have been drawn on precisely the same set of character widths. This allows for text to be switched between different grades without any reflowing of text.

Action news grades01 light 1621 xxx q87
Action Condensed Light
Action news grades02 reg 1621 xxx q87
Action Condensed Regular
Action news grades03 med 1621 xxx q87
Action Condensed Medium
Action news grades04 bold 1621 xxx q87
Action Condensed Bold

Graded Weights

The grades within each weight of Action Condensed allows for type to be switched between different grades or styles without changing the width of the text setting. This can be used for rollovers while maintaining typographic hierarchy.

Action news multipleweights 976 xxx q87

Mapped Styles

Normally when multiple weights of a family are set within the same block of text, any changes require designers to dig in and switch each style individually. But because of the way that grades in Action Condensed are mapped, designers can set separate styles in the same block of text—like Light & Medium as shown here—and quickly toggle different grades via the type palette.

Action news 02c 04 1976 xxx q87
Action news overlays 1621 xxx q87

Not Just for Interfaces

Although Action Condensed was designed with the screen in mind, it works as well on a poster, a film title, or in an editorial layout as it does in a web browser or on a mobile phone. Its casual personality and quirky shapes give a friendliness that is unusual in a straight-sided condensed sans, and the grades can be used for interesting layered effects.

Screen shot 2016 01 11 at 7.09.14pm 1400 xxx q87
Screen shot 2016 01 11 at 7.08.38pm 1400 xxx q87

Wael Morcos has designed two new microsites for our Webfonts Showcase, to show Action Condensed in action. One highlights the relationship between the grades in each weight, while the other demonstrates how smoothly the grades work for rollovers while showing unexpected connections between networks of synonyms and antonyms.


Minisite for Action Condensed

Earlier this year we released Erik van Blokland’s Action Condensed. 8 months later, we’re surprised to see that it is primarily being used in print so far. To help get inspiration flowing, we asked our friends at Project Projects to create an interface showing Action Condensed doing what it does best. See the result at
Actionminithumb 739 xxx q87

New release: Action Text by Erik van Blokland

Type made for screens needn’t lack personality. Action Text continues the reflections Dutch superstar Erik van Blokland embarked on with Action Condensed. Geared toward interfaces and continuous text onscreen, Action Text comes in a variable version with weight and grade axes, as well as a “flat” version in four weights accompanied by matching italics, with a Bright and Dark grade for each weight.
Action text news thumb2 706 xxx q87