Portrait in debut issue of Document Journal

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Commercial Type is proud to have been involved with the launch of Document Journal, a new fashion, art, and culture magazine with a New York-centric point of view from Editorial Director and Publisher Nick Vogelson and Creative and Fashion Director James Valeri.
   Christian Schwartz and Berton Hasebe consulted on the magazine's typography, with Berton's forthcoming release Portrait anchoring the type palette in its Titling, Display and Text variants. The sharp, clean, minimalist approach to French oldstyle forms seemed appropriate for giving a distinct style and attitude to the typography while allowing the incredible photography to stay the main focus. The text of some articles is set in Lyon and supporting text is in Atlas Grotesk. The nameplate, co-designed by Christian Schwartz and Nick Vogelson, is based on Austin Light.
   Document Journal shared our New York office for their last 2 months of production, and we're very happy to see the results.

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Chiswick Sans High in Document Journal #4

Chiswick Sans High has had its first public use in issue number 4 of Document Journal, a New York-centric fashion, art, and culture magazine. started by Paul Barnes in 2009 when he was drawing Chiswick.
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