Chiswick Sans High in Document Journal #4

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Chiswick Sans High has had its first public use in issue number 4 of Document Journal, a New York-centric fashion, art, and culture magazine. started by Paul Barnes in 2009 when he was drawing Chiswick (called Wyatt when it was used in the excellent 2010 redesign of O, the Oprah Magazine by Priest + Grace) Whereas Brunel is a faithful depiction of British Modern typographic forms, Chiswick draws its inspiration from the lettering of the same time period: sign painting, architectural lettering, clock faces, and especially the lettering on gravestones. Though rarer than the seriffed forms, serifless letters were seen in this period as well, inspiring Paul to draw Chiswick Sans. This family has a very eccentric sort of elegance, dignified in the capitals and often downright odd in the lowercase.

The strange beauty of Chiswick Sans High works well for Document creative director Nick Vogelson's restrained display typography, as it has a strong enough character to hold its own at relatively small sizes, allowing him to make very bold use of negative space.

(Full disclosure:
Document shares our office. This is how they end up using so many of our typefaces before they're finished and released.)