Algebra Display

Like its all-purpose sibling Algebra, Algebra Display was inspired by the construction and proportions of Grotesks. Its details are influenced by many of the superelliptical serif families that helped define the aesthetic of the mid 20th century, particularly in central Europe. While many of these typefaces were quite staid, Algebra Display has a contemporary tone of brutality, with terminals and serifs abruptly sheared off. Algebra Display is both higher and lower in contrast than Algebra: the serifs gain weight, while the thin strokes are thinner, giving an unexpectedly active texture compared to a typical low-contrast slab serif. The serif bracketing is tight, giving subtle elegance without introducing softness. Algebra Display covers many tones across its range of seven weights: icily pretty in the light weights, bracingly strange in the heaviest weights, and sophisticated in between, with a refreshing simplicity in the italics.