New release: Ayer by Miguel Reyes

Ayer 2s 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Poster family, with all four italics
Ayer22 1740 xxx q87
Ayer family
Ayer23 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Deck family
Ayer 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Bold
Ayer2 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Semibold and Semibold Italic
Ayer3 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Medium
Ayer12 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Semibold and Semibold Italic
Ayer11 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Regular, Blackletter Regular Italic, and Angular Regular Italic

Ayer is an elegant condensed display typeface designed by Miguel Reyes between 2016 and 2019 for W, a large format fashion magazine. Creative director, Cian Browne, and art director, Jeffrey Burch, needed a malleable typeface able to assert a strong personality at a variety of scales, in order to keep type treatments fresh and vibrant, even in just a handful of characters. Ayer is the synthesis of a number of different influences: Italian Moderne lettering from the early twentieth century, the high-contrast sans serifs common in fashion and beauty applications, the sharp corners favored by digital drawing tools, and the designer’s own joy in experimenting with the different shapes letters can take.

Ayer5 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Semibold, Poster Cursive Semibold Italic (drop cap), Deck Regular
Ayer6 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Bold and Blackletter Bold Italic, Medium (drop cap), Deck Medium and Medium Italic
Ayer7 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Cursive Regular Italic, Deck Regular and Regular Italic
Ayer8 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Cursive Black Italic, Deck Regular and Regular Italic
Ayer9 1740 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Cursive Bold Italic, Deck Medium

Display typefaces for fashion magazines need flexibility in order to extend their lifespan beyond a couple of seasons. The four different italics in the Poster size is one way Ayer fills this need. In addition the workmanlike italic featured in all optical sizes, Poster also features a chaotically beautiful Cursive with a full complement of swash capitals, a sharply stylized Angular, and Reyes’s modish interpretation of the staid Blackletter genre. The four italics differ in structure and angle of inclination, but are tied together by weight, contrast, and proportion, making each work with the uprights and even enabling them to be mixed together in adventurous layouts. Ayer Poster also has an additional weight not included in the other optical sizes: a Black, inspired in part by the lasting and unavoidable influence of Herb Lubalin and his stable of lettering artists, who transformed magazine design in New York during the 1960s and 70s.

W aug 800 xxx q87
Ayer debuted on the cover of the August 2016 issue of W.
W aug 2016 spread 1395 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Regular
Img 2762 1747 xxx q87
Ayer Regular, together with Berton Hasebe’s Platform. Text is in Whitman, by Kent Lew.
Img 0838 1747 xxx q87
used Ayer for most headlines throughout the front section; they used Ayer Poster only for covers and features. Ayer Bold is shown here.
Img 0086 1748 xxx q87
Ayer Medium
Img 4070 1747 xxx q87
Ayer Semibold
Oct2016 doublecovers rev 1719 xxx q87
By October 2016, Ayer had grown to a full range of weights and the new logotype was in place.
Img 6788 1747 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Regular
Img 5839 1747 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Black
W oct2018 1744 xxx q87
The first of Ayer Poster’s four italics debuted in the October 2018 Hollywood issue, where W used the Black weight to excellent effect.
W vol7 brad opener 1600 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Black & Cursive Black
W vol7 carey opener 1600 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Black & Cursive Black
Img 7501 1747 xxx q87
Ayer Poster Black & Cursive Black
Img 7211 1748 xxx q87
The front section made heavy use of Ayer Deck, often in italic and tracked out to bring some air into otherwise dense layouts.
Img 7173 1747 xxx q87
Ayer Deck works well for pull quotes.

Ayer Poster has the extremely high contrast that is typical of a fashion typeface, making it best suited to use at 100pt and up. Ayer also has high contrast, though less so than the Poster, and is designed be used from 60pt and up, or for knocking headlines out of a dark background. Designed to bring the personality of Ayer to the dense pages of W’s front section, Ayer Deck shines in small display applications, such as subheads and pullquotes, or headlines on the web. It can also function as a stylish low-contrast headline typeface when the tracking is tightened. The heavier weights of Ayer Deck were first used in M, the men’s portion of W’s periodic ‘his-and-hers’ fashion issue. Its louder typographic voice helped to differentiate M’s from W’s features while maintaining coherence throughout the issue.

Ayer crni 1 sq 1040 xxx q87
Ayer Angular is used to great effect on this poster for a series of events at a museum, designed by Bojan Crnić.
Tinasmith 1 1361 xxx q87
Designer Tina Smith uses Ayer as the primary typeface on her portfolio site.
Tinasmith 2 1361 xxx q87

In addition to editorial design, Ayer is at home on posters, book covers, websites, and environmental branding. See more and license the family here.