Duplicate Ionic for NZZ am Sonntag

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Once known as Zizou, and before that Clouseau, Christian Schwartz's Duplicate has expanded from a small family of sans serifs into a 3-family collection. In addition to the Sans and Slab first seen in Florian Bachleda's 2011 redesign of Fast Company, the family has been rounded out with the Clarendon-inspired Duplicate Ionic, designed by Miguel Reyes (directed by Schwartz) for a redesign of Zurich's Neue Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag recently completed by Mark Porter and Simon Esterson. The complete collection is being readied for released before the end of 2013.

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New release: Duplicate by Christian Schwartz and Miguel Reyes

Previously known as Zizou, and before that Clouseau, Duplicate is a new family from Commercial Type that began as an experiment by Christian Schwartz to see what he would get if he drew Roger Excoffon’s iconic 20th century sans serif Antique Olive, a typeface Schwartz has long loved and admired, from memory.
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