Designed to be a blank slate; Graphik is a “vanilla-flavored” typeface that is perfectly suited for whatever style of expression is needed. Its purposeful, elegant plainness allows it to move effortlessly between being a central design element or playing a supporting role in a wide range of projects and applications. The inspiration for Graphik came from designer Christian Schwartz’s longstanding interest in the expressive possibilities found in plain typefaces. This stems from his early exposure to Modernist graphic design, particularly posters, from the mid-twentieth century. While many of these designs were dominated by the three iconic sans serifs from Europe: Helvetica, Univers, and Futura, Schwartz was drawn to the “B-list” of sans serifs, such as Plak, Folio, and Neuzeit Grotesk. Graphik is a typeface without the baggage of Univers and Helvetica that can be used in similar ways without only evoking Modernism.