Type.today is open

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Our friends Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky of CSTM Fonts have launched a new type distribution platform called type.today. Based on Moscow, this new company is focused on Cyrillic typefaces, and will distribute all of the typefaces from our library that Ilya has added Cyrillic support to. Graphik and Giorgio Sans are available now, with more to come soon, including Austin, Dala Floda, Stag, and Stag Sans. The website is in both Russian and English.

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Ilya and Yury have commissioned an imaginative set of images by some of the most interesting graphic designers working in Russia, showing each typeface in use.

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The launch of type.today is also the premier of Giorgio Sans Cyrillic, which was drawn by Ilya. Greek support was also added, by Panos Haratzopoulos.