The Past is the Present


The Past is the Present

For over a decade Commercial Type have been designing and releasing contemporary typefaces; from modern classics like Graphik, Druk, Publico and Guardian through to more experimental faces like Orientation and Styrene. Some of them like Lyon and Portrait have been informed and inspired by the past, but not dominated by it.

    At the same time, Commercial Type's designers have been searching through the vast archive that is St Bride Library, looking for hidden gems; designs long forgotten and no longer available. Rather than being modern interpretations where the designer leaves an obvious mark, they are careful reconstructions, made not for yesterday, but for today’s users. They take the old forms, and expand them in new directions, while retaining the charm and beauty of the originals.

    Commercial Type partner Paul Barnes will explain the project and will be joined for a Q & A session by partner Christian Schwartz, and designers Greg Gazdowicz and Tim Ripper.


This talk is part of the Lubalin Lecture Series hosted by Type@Cooper at The Cooper Union

Admission is free.


8 July 2019, 6:30–8:30pm

Rose Auditorium at The Cooper Union

41 Cooper Square

New York, NY 10003


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