New widths of Graphik for Esquire and Bon Appétit


During their 2011 top-to-bottom redesign, creative director David Curcurito and then art director Darhil Crooks at the US edition of Esquire chose Graphik to accompany Granger, their new serif display family. To give the family added flexibility, they commissioned a Condensed width that soon grew to several additional widths, including one designed to satisfy Curcurito's need for a face that would allow him to make a drop cap as tall as the page, but still leave room for plenty of text next to it.

Alex Grossman had more functional needs for his 2011 redesign of Bon Appétit: how to fit a large number of recipes in a limited amount of space, leaving as much room as possible for beautiful food photography while keeping the recipes very readable. He also needed a versatile set of display faces, and commissioned a modified version of the new condensed styles of Graphik with some of the signature characters redesigned, resulting in a friendlier sans that is more reminiscent of classic French and Italian food packaging than of mid-20th century Swiss Modernism.