Lettering for Bon Appétit’s Party Issue

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02 baparty opener cu 987 xxx q87
03 baparty serve 1439 xxx q87
04 baparty serve ecu 1414 xxx q87
05 baparty pizza 1329 xxx q87
06 baparty saturday 1395 xxx q87
07 baparty dropcap 1551 xxx q87

Miguel Reyes lettered a number of headlines and dropcaps for Bon Appétit’s October 2014 "Party Issue" special package. Working from the opening titles of a Royal Ascot horse race from the 1970s, several Tuscan alphabets drawn for Photolettering Inc., and both British and American Tuscan display faces from the 19th century, Miguel came up with a lettering style that could tie together the disparate articles in the package under the guiding theme of "Party Like Your Parents". The October 2014 issue also marks a minor redesign of the front section and the introduction of Caponi Text as the text face for longer articles.