Introducing the Webfonts Showcase

Showcase   homepage 1672 xxx q87
Atlas 2009 xxx q87
Austin 2009 xxx q87
Caponi 2009 xxx q87
Dala 2009 xxx q87
Druk 2009 xxx q87
Duplicate 2009 xxx q87
Gabriello 2009 xxx q87
Giorgio 2009 xxx q87
Graphik 2009 xxx q87
Guardian 2009 xxx q87
Lyon 2009 xxx q87
Marr 2009 xxx q87
Platform 2009 xxx q87
Portrait 2009 xxx q87
Publico 2009 xxx q87
Stag 2009 xxx q87

We are delighted to announce our new Webfonts Showcase, a set of sixteen microsites, each showing a different family from our library and highlighting a different aspect of its personality. See it now at

Every piece of text on this collection of microsites is rendered with our webfonts: no PNGs or SVGs are used, except on the “about this family” pages. For those of you who want to peek under the hood, the about pages also include a short explanation of how each microsite works. We hope you find these microsites entertaining, exciting, inspiring… or at least fun to play with for a few minutes.

Wael Morcos conceptualized and designed the 16 microsites and the homepage. Branimir Vasilić and Sarah Guck at GrayBits in Philadelphia carried out development. Kat JK Lee wrote the text for some of the microsites.