We’re on Fontstand


Fontstand, a new service for testing fonts and renting font licenses, has launched today with over 20 independent type foundries participating, including Commercial Type. Conceived by type designers Andrej Krátky, Peter Biľak, and Ondrej Jób, this service gives new flexibility to desktop font licensing and makes it very easy to test typefaces in your layouts before committing to a license.

We've joined Fonstand because we want to learn who the traditional font licensing model has been leaving out. We feel that the type market is ripe for innovation as far as platforms and ways of selling font licences are concerned, and it's not in the best interest of type designers or users to cede all of the innovation to corporate bean-counters who see type as a commodity and users as nothing more than a revenue stream. Some of our most popular families, like Stag, and our least popular families, like Gabriello, can be accessed through the service. Find out more at fontstand.com, or find our fonts directly on our foundry page there.