FitFont from Type Project

Austin Light. Please note that not all available styles are shown in this preview.
Austin Roman
Austin Medium
Austin Text Roman
Austin Text Semibold
Caponi Display Medium
Caponi Slab Medium
Caponi Text Regular No. 2
Caponi Text Semibold
Dala Floda Roman
Dala Floda Medium
Lyon Text Regular
Lyon Text Semibold
Lyon Display Light
Lyon Display Medium
Publico Banner Regular
Publico Headline Regular
Publico Text Regular
Publico Text Semibold

Type Project is a respected small type foundry in Tokyo, best known for their extensive AXIS family, which was the first multi-width Japanese typeface, originally designed for a bilingual magazine in Japan. They launched their first adjustable typeface famly in 2013, allowing users to select exactly the right weight and contrast combination from their TP Mincho family (equivalent to a serif typeface in Latin), from a range of 51 weights and 21 levels of contrast. This was further enhanced by the introduction of the FitFont service in April 2015, using this fine level of control to allow users to precisely match the feel of a wide range of Latin typefaces. We have entered into an agreement to allow Type Project to distribute a selection of families from our library as part of their FitFont service. Families for both text and display use are included: Austin, Caponi, Dala Floda, Guardian Egyptian, Lyon, Publico, and Stag are available.

Atlas Grotesk Thin
Atlas Grotesk Bold
Darby Sans Light
Darby Sans Medium
Graphik Thin
Graphik Light
Graphik Regular
Graphik Semibold

Type Project has just made their AXIS family available with the FitFont system as well, with 51 weight levels and 21 width levels. Their online interface makes it easy to adjust weight and width of the Japanese character set, and scale and baseline for the Latin, for a seamless combination. Atlas Grotesk, Darby Sans, Duplicate Sans, Graphik, Guardian Sans Headline (in all 4 widths) and Text, and Stag Sans are all available for pairing with AXIS.

Duplicate Sans Thin
Duplicate Sans Regular
Duplicate Sans Bold
Duplicate Ionic Regular
Guardian Egyptian Headline Thin
Guardian Egyptian Headline Regular
Guardian Egyptian Headline Medium
Guardian Egyptian Text Regular
Guardian Egyptian Text Medium
Guardian Sans Headline Medium
Guardian Sans Headline Narrow Medium
Guardian Sans Headline Condensed Medium
Guardian Sans Headline X Condensed Medium
Guardian Sans Text Regular
Guardian Sans Text Bold
Stag Light
Stag Book
Stag Sans Book

Type Project has also licensed some of our collections with both sans and serif families, allowing for even more flexible multilingual typography. Duplicate, Graphik/Produkt, Guardian, and Stag are available with both TP Mincho and AXIS Font. All families are available for desktop, mobile app, and web licensing.

    We think FitFont is a very impressive system, and we expect that it will make it much easier for publications and corporations to find the right multilingual typographic voice. We are delighted to be part of this cross-cultural collaboration, with Japanese and Latin-based type designers each concentrating on what they do best.


Learn more, try the system out, and license combined fonts at Type Project's site:

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