Cyrillic and Greek support added to Giorgio Sans


The complete Giorgio Sans family, originally designed by Christian Schwartz for T, the New York Times Style Magazine and later expanded with two heavier weights drawn by Vincent Chan, has been expanded to include Cyrillic and Greek character sets.

The Greek expansion was drawn by Panos Haratzopoulos, a type designer based outside Athens who has drawn all of our Greek expansions. These expansions include the same sets of alternates – tails for the lowercase, and round titling caps – included in the original typeface, and it's interesting to see how differently they play out in these newly supported languages.

Alternate forms for Bulgarian (top line) and Serbian (third line) are shown here.
The large x-height works well with the Cyrillic alphabet, where ascenders and descenders are relatively infrequent.
The titling alternates have a dramatic effect here.

The Cyrillic expansion was drawn by Moscow-based type designer Ilya Ruderman, and is also available through, his newly launched distribution platform. It includes all of the necessary language-specific forms for Serbian, Macedonian, and Bulgarian, and also supports Kazakh.