BULLETT magazine

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The Spring 2012 "Obsessed Issue" of glossy style magazine BULLETT uses an all-new type palette made up of upcoming and existing typefaces from Commercial Type, selected in collaboration with Nick Vogelson.

Headlines and display typography are in Portrait, a work in progress by Berton Hasebe that draws inspiration from the Renaissance roman forms of Constantine (c. 1530s), with a minimalist approach to details and sharply pretty Latin serifs. Text is in Kai Bernau's Lyon Text, and captions are in the soon-to-be-released Atlas Grotesk, originally drawn for Munich Re by Kai Bernau and Susana Carvalho with Christian Schwartz.

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This issue also features a special set of brightly colored Giorgio Sans Bold titling caps assembled out of small toys and knickknacks. Giorgio Sans also provided a starting point for Vogelson's subtle tweak nameplate for the magazine.