New release: Austin Text by Paul Barnes

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Austin was first designed in 2003 for the elegant display typography of Harpers & Queen, a British fashion magazine, and Paul Barnes had long wanted to augment the delicate display face with a more rugged version for smaller sizes. He finally found the time, and the result is a highly personable text face firmly in the British tradition, hewing much closer to the original types—cut by Richard Austin in the late 18th century for the publisher John Bell­—that had originally inspired the Austin family.

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Available in five weights, Austin Text matches the full range of the original Austin family, going all the way up to the heavy Fat weight. While Austin has a narrow proportion, Austin Text matches the comfortable proportions of Richard Austin’s original text faces, and the elegance of his italics. The italics have the same set of swashes as the display, and the romans feature small capitals. The family offers several different kinds of figures, with the three-quarter-height style favored by Austin and Bell as the default, along with traditional oldstyle and lining figures. Austin Text makes its first appearance in the brand new redesign of AFAR magazine by new creative director Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, launching in January 2014.


New release: Austin Hairline by Berton Hasebe and Paul Barnes

When we first designed Austin in the middle of the last decade, we always imagined that it was as extreme as it could possibly be. Well of course it wasn't, as our new release Austin Hairline amply demonstrates.
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New release: Additional weights for Austin

Commercial Type's first release of 2010 is an expansion of the Austin family. Light and Ultra weights, drawn by Berton Hasebe for Alex Grossman's new design of WSJ magazine, extend the original into dramatic new territory, and are available now. At the same time, a magazine in Russia commissioned Cyrillic support for the original family, giving us an opportunity to work with Ilya Ruderman in M...
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Produkt debuts in Le Matin Dimanche and Femina, redesigned by Ariel Cepeda

Ariel Cepeda has redesigned Le Dimanche Matin, the Sunday edition of the Lausanne-based French language Daily Le Dimanche, serving the Vaud region. Headline typography is in Kai Bernau's Lyon Display and Produkt, a slab serif companion to Graphik designed by Berton Hasebe with Christian Schwartz, slated for release in November 2014.
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