Specimen book 2010–2015

2015spec 4covers stack 827 xxx q87
2015spec 4covers 874 xxx q87
2015spec 3covers 721 xxx q87
2015spec cover jacket 843 xxx q87
2015spec toc 780 xxx q87
2015spec druk 802 xxx q87
2015spec robinson 837 xxx q87
2015spec dupgab spread 704 xxx q87
2015spec chiswick 725 xxx q87
A few future releases are shown
2015spec chiswickgrot 728 xxx q87
Some future releases have been renamed. For example, Chiswick Sans Low is now known as Chiswick Grotesque.
2015spec portrait ecu 784 xxx q87
2015spec mariantext ecu 835 xxx q87
2015spec isambard 689 xxx q87
2015spec fineprint 808 xxx q87

Produced for our 2015 North American Tour, this specimen shows our full library as of late 2015, including some upcoming releases, most (but not all) of which are available as of late 2016. This specimen has 4 different jacket designs. You will receive one design at random. We are not able to take requests.


$4.00 postage paid, for standard shipping. 

Shipping within the US is via Media Mail, and takes 5-7 days. International shipping is via First Class Mail (Air Mail) and can take as long as 3 weeks. Please contact us for other shipping options.

Designed by Paul Barnes and Jack Curry

Jackets designed by Project Projects

Printed in the USA

216 x 140mm/8.5 x 5.5in

112pp, uncoated