Schnyder poster and folder

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Schnyderfolder covercu2 693 xxx q87
Schnyderfolder interior 708 xxx q87
The poster is held in place with photo corners
Schnyderfolder posterr 703 xxx q87
Schnyderfolder postercu 693 xxx q87

Patrick Li and his team at Li, Inc. have designed a limited edition poster and folder to celebrate the release of Schnyder, a display typeface originally commissioned by Li in his role as creative director at T, the New York Times Style Magazine. Both the poster and the enclosing folder are silkscreened in a deep violet. The poster is a soft grey Sirio paper, and the folder is a sturdy chipboard, with photo corners to hold the folded poster in place. The poster is an homage to the invitation lettered by Swiss artist Jean-Frédéric Schnyder that had served as one point of inspiration for the typeface.


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Shipping within the US is via Media Mail, and takes 5-7 days. International shipping is via First Class Mail (Air Mail) and can take as long as 3 weeks. Please contact us for other shipping options.

Edition of 450.

Designed by Li, Inc.

Printed by Masterpiece Printers in New York City

Folder 279 x 406mm/11 x 16in, poster 610 x 864mm/24 x 34in

Silkscreened in 1 color