Schnyder poster and folder

The poster is held in place with photo corners

Patrick Li and his team at Li, Inc. have designed a limited edition poster and folder to celebrate the release of Schnyder, a display typeface originally commissioned by Li in his role as creative director at T, the New York Times Style Magazine. Both the poster and the enclosing folder are silkscreened in a deep violet. The poster is a soft grey Sirio paper, and the folder is a sturdy chipboard, with photo corners to hold the folded poster in place. The poster is an homage to the invitation lettered by Swiss artist Jean-Frédéric Schnyder that had served as one point of inspiration for the typeface.


$15 postage paid through the end of 2020, with intermational shipping fees waived.

Normally $30.00 postage paid, with standard shipping. $15 for shipping outside the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Shipping within the US is via Media Mail, and takes 5-7 days. International shipping is via First Class Mail (Air Mail) and can take as long as 3 weeks. Please contact us for other shipping options.

Edition of 450.

Designed by Li, Inc.

Printed by Masterpiece Printers in New York City

Folder 279 x 406mm/11 x 16in, poster 610 x 864mm/24 x 34in

Silkscreened in 1 color