Canela by Miguel Reyes in Document Journal

Our friends and studiomates at Document Journal have published their sixth issue. Creative director Nick Vogelson selected the Headline and Deck sizes of Miguel Reyes's typeface in progress Canela for all display type in the issue. Among Miguel's influences are the familiar warmth of Caslon and the eccentric elegance of Albertus, and the final result is neither a serif nor definitively a sans. Canela's air of warmth, quiet and grace is very well suited to the long decks and pullquotes in the issue, and its texture works well for the surrealist use of repurposed news headlines as titles for the fashion pictorials.

Canela follows in the footsteps of Portrait and Chiswick Sans, which each had a turn as the primary display typeface in the magazine long before their release.

01_coverband-120-xxx 02_doc6_cover2-90-xxx 03_toc_photo-159-xxx 04_doc6_toc-154-xxx 05_ethicsofdesire-141-xxx 06_doc6_boss-1-180-xxx 07_arcangel-155-xxx 08_doc6_shayne-180-xxx 09_doc6_shayne-cu-169-xxx


Metropolis redesigned with Marr Sans, Publico, and Druk

Venerable architecture, interiors, and product design magazine Metropolis has unveiled a clean, smart, and well-structured new look with their December 2014 issue. The redesign was done by New York-based designers Andrew LeClair and Adam Lucas, using Marr Sans and Publico Text and Text Mono throughout. Marr Sans performs admirably at all sizes, bringing subtle personality to delicate feature headlines, while keeping captions and both short and long blocks of text readable in the front section. Publico Text and Text Mono are mixed intelligently in the interviews, giving a distinct separation between the voices of the interviewer and interviewee while keeping them on equal levels in the hierarchy. Publico Text Mono also brings personality to very small text, including the magazine's spine, with its unusual texture. The logotype is set in Berton Hasebe's Druk, slightly modified to lock up tightly on the cover.

01_metropolisredesign-120-xxx 02_metropolisredesign-120-xxx 03_metropolisredesign-97-xxx 04_metropolisredesign-160-xxx 05_metropolisredesign-160-xxx 06_metropolisredesign-175-xxx 07_metropolisredesign-120-xxx 08_metropolisredesign-160-xxx 09_metropolisredesign-161-xxx 10_metropolisredesign-172-xxx 11_metropolisredesign-120-xxx 12_metropolisredesign-173-xxx 13_metropolisredesign-172-xxx 14_metropolisredesign-120-xxx 15_metropolisredesign-160-xxx


Produkt debuts in Le Dimanche Matin and Femina, redesigned by Ariel Cepeda

Ariel Cepeda has redesigned Le Dimanche Matin, the Sunday edition of the Lausanne-based French language Daily Le Dimanche, serving the Vaud region. Headline typography is in Kai Bernau's Lyon Display and Produkt, a slab serif companion to Graphik designed by Berton Hasebe with Christian Schwartz, slated for release in November 2014. Text is in Bernau's Lyon Text, with Graphik playing a supporting role in image captions, info graphics, maps, and other informational typography.

Cepeda has also redesigned the weekly women's magazine Femina, making bold use of Hasebe's Platform and Paul Barnes's complete Austin collection, with Austin Text for text and Austin and Austin Hairline for serif display. Produkt rounds out the type palette here as well, with the middle weights used for sidebars, the boldest weights used for section headers, coverlines, and page furniture, and the prettier light weights used for elegant display typography.

01_lmd_page01-80-xxx 02_lmd_frontpage3-92-xxx 03_lmd_page0203-161-xxx 04_lmd_sport econ-160-xxx 05_lmd_text-169-xxx 06_lmd_acteur-80-xxx 07_lmd_economie-80-xxx 08_lmd_text2-155-xxx 09_lmd_acteur_photo-163-xxx 10_lmd_page14-162-xxx 11_lmd_germs-160-xxx 12_lmd_page22-145-xxx 13_lmd_entertainment-182-xxx 14_fem_page01a-90-xxx 15_fem_page01b-90-xxx 16_fem_covercrop-156-xxx 17_fem_toc-203-xxx 18_fem_page04-90-xxx 19_fem_page06-180-xxx 20_fem_text-165-xxx 21_fem_page21-180-xxx 22_fem_3way-177-xxx 23_fem_fantasmes-157-xxx


Lettering for Bon Appétit’s Party Issue

Miguel Reyes lettered a number of headlines and dropcaps for Bon Appétit’s October 2014 "Party Issue" special package. Working from the opening titles of a Royal Ascot horse race from the 1970s, several Tuscan alphabets drawn for Photolettering Inc., and both British and American Tuscan display faces from the 19th century, Miguel came up with a lettering style that could tie together the disparate articles in the package under the guiding theme of "Party Like Your Parents". The October 2014 issue also marks a minor redesign of the front section and the introduction of Caponi Text as the text face for longer articles.

01-baparty-opener-164-xxx 02-baparty-opener-cu-114-xxx 03-baparty-serve-166-xxx 04-baparty-serve_ecu-163-xxx 05-baparty-pizza-153-xxx 06-baparty-saturday-161-xxx 07-baparty-dropcap-179-xxx